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Five Child Custody Issues that Are within Your Control

The hardest decision in a divorce is often that regarding child custody. According to Florida law, this decision should be made in the interest of the children. Five Factors within Your Control When Seeking Custody of Your Children 1. Your mental and physical health is important to the courts According to the laws of Florida, your mental and physical health should be considered when deciding upon child custody. Additionally, the […]

Gaining Peace of Mind with a Temporary Restraining Order

There are some situations that we will never be fully prepared for in life and that includes suffering threats, harassment, stalking and physical or emotional abuse at the hands of a partner or stranger. If you are being subjected to such violence then you may want to consider obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order so that your abuser is not legally allowed to contact you. In Florida, there are four distinct […]

Considering the Children in a High Conflict Divorce

One of the great fears of individuals who are getting divorced is the risk of a high conflict divorce. These types of divorces are wrought with anger, mistrust, fighting, and contempt. Often, parents in high conflict divorces will become embittered and unable to separate the best interests of their children from the contentiousness of the divorce. As a result, the children suffer and the parents no longer meet their duties […]

Factors that Are Considered in Equitable Distributions

In the majority of States, Courts split assets according to a principle known as Equitable Distribution. What this means is that the court will look to divide assets fairly rather than equally. For individuals, in the States that use equitable distribution to split assets, the system may seem subjective and dependent upon the particular judge that you receive rather than what you believe to be fair. As a result, it […]

Three Benefits of Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are a great way to protect assets when a marriage ends, but they are not just useful in times of divorce. They can act as agreements to protect your assets during a marriage as well as after it. They serve to be a legal agreement between husband and wife with regard to the assets that are mentioned in the prenuptial agreement, and go into effect the moment the […]

Filing for a Temporary Restraining Order

In many divorces, it may become necessary for one of the parties to ask the courts to order the other party to stay away. These types of orders are called temporary restraining orders and they restrict one party from having contact with the other party. They can also do other acts, such as requiring the restrained party to leave the house or pay child support. Additionally, temporary restraining orders can […]

How Mediation Can Work for High Conflict Divorce

In many cases, mediation can be a very effective alternative to litigation, even for high conflict divorces. Less Adversarial Although it is often hard for couples to imagine, the mediation room is much easier to face than a courtroom. Mediation tends to be less adversarial, with a more focused attempt at trying to resolve issues as opposed to duking it out in court. Long litigations are not only expensive, but […]

Choosing the Right State to File for Military Divorce

When you are facing a divorce in the military community it is very important to take steps to ensure you are filing in the right location. With the nomadic life of military families it is very common to live, marry, and then divorce in different states. Differing Divorce Laws There are some general differences between a civil and military divorce that must be considered. One of the main differences is […]

Court Confirms Importance of Valuation Date in High Asset Property Division

Highly successful couples who go through a divorce often struggle with the financial aspects of high asset property division, often leading to prolonged litigation dealing with the propriety of the family court’s distribution award. Key Steps in High Asset Property Division The initial steps in the distribution process are important. These involve: Setting the date for classifying assets and liabilities Classifying assets and liabilities as marital or non-marital Setting dates […]

Importance of Evidence in Divorce Issues

Divorcing couples are generally encouraged to explore settlements out of court where issues such as child support, alimony, asset division, and timesharing or parenting can be resolved amicably with the help of attorneys. But in high conflict situations when parties are unable to agree on issues arising from a divorce, the unresolved issues must undergo litigation where a court shall make a decision based on evidence. Florida family law provides […]