Child Support Attorney Clearwater, FL

In the state of Florida, child support belongs to the child (or children). It cannot be waived by the Primary Residential Parent under any circumstances, and is a statutory element which means the amount is based on the payer’s monthly income.
In the best interest of the child, our law firm will determine the exact monthly income of the parent who is ordered to pay, compromising zero details. It is important that the children get the financial support they are entitled to, and with the financial background employed by our attorney, the research, calculations and facts uncovered in this area will speak for themselves.

Enforcement of Child Support Payments

If you have been awarded child support by the courts, and are not receiving payment, contact our office right away to establish collection pursuits promptly. Our expert child support representation will help streamline payments, ensuring your children are receiving the financial restitution they deserve as a result of living in a split household.

Tax Deductions

Tax deductions are rarely the first item on the docket during a child support hearing, but the application can be incredibly important to the Primary parent’s bottom line. Our firm’s financial background will help you understand exactly what to expect at the end of each year, so there are no surprises going forward.