I was a father seeking full custody of my son. In selecting an attorney I found many law firms took the approach and even advertised that my finances would be my number one concern and that some or equal visitation should be my goal. Garry was the only attorney of the many interviewed that understood the importance to me of getting full custody of my son. He listened and made himself and his staff accessible to me at all times. He understood that for my son’s safety, full custody was the only acceptable outcome. Probably the best example of what made Garry not only the lawyer I chose, but one I would recommend to anyone in a hostile divorce and or custody battle is; One day I stopped by Garry’s office to drop off some paperwork prior to our hearing. I noticed that each of his staff that were working on my case had a picture of my son on their desk with the note, “(my son’s name) is our client he is counting on us!”. That is when I knew that I was with a firm that understood the importance and was committed to my child custody case. I now have full custody of my son and am thankful for the time and dedication that Gary and his staff put in on my behalf.