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Going through a divorce or dealing with another family law matter may well be the most difficult thing you will ever go through in your lifetime. At The Law Firm for Family Law in Clearwater, we are committed to providing our clients with the attention and understanding that divorce and child custody cases require. Family law matters are best managed with sensitivity, confidentiality and experienced representation. Our professionalism, integrity and compassion allow us to provide our clients with confidence in a time when nothing in life seems certain.

A divorce disrupts virtually every aspect of your life – all at once. The effect of that sort of disruption is anxiety, stress and a fear of what your future may look like. We are here to help you reorganize your life; to protect your access to your children, to protect the assets you have spent a lifetime acquiring; to protect your financial future. When you are facing these kinds of issues, shouldn’t you have an expert standing by your side? Whether your live in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, East Lake, Seminole, Largo, Safety Harbor, Tampa or anywhere else in Pinellas, Pasco or Hillsborough counties we are here to help you.

Dedicated & Accomplished Divorce Attorney in Clearwater

Although our family & divorce law firm has managed over 1,800 cases, we offer a personal, dedicated approach to each family we represent. Each of our clients face a unique set of circumstances, whether it is alimony disputes, child support matters or child custody and visitation settlements, we are dedicated to serving the Clearwater community with expert advice and the educational tools our clients need to move forward with their lives – long after the proceedings have concluded. The overall decision to split from someone you once loved means more than heartache sustained by each spouse, especially where children are involved. It is important to understand that circumstances differ for each case, and that yours is unlike any other. High asset divorce, child custody and child support concerns, along with alimony education are important facets in family law. Our legal team in Clearwater will explain each of these areas, as they pertain to you specifically, with trusted guidance, educative resources and seasoned representation.

Focusing on the Important Components: Family

Family Law Lawyers & Divorce Attorney in Clearwater, FLThe Law Firm for Family Law in Clearwater was established by accomplished family lawyer, Gary E. Williams. The goal of providing legal advice and exceptional representation to those who are considering divorce came directly from the personal experience of undergoing the process himself.

Whether you have been married for six months and have very little marital assets to divide, or have been married for 25 years and are enduring a high asset divorce, attorney Gary E. Williams will focus on the specific variables of your case only to relieve the unnecessary burden that accompanies the legal process. Practicing law is a passion at The Law Firm for Family Law. This passion is best met with professionalism, integrity and sincere compassion to help you get through what may seem like your darkest days.

A successful outcome is only accomplished by focusing on the details that are important to the family involved. Our Clearwater family law attorney focuses on educating our clients on their rights and their goals for the future. The more educated you are about your particular options, the better armed you and your family will be to move forward in a positive way. We fully support our clients and become advocates on their behalf, so their rights are protected as individuals and parents. Establishing a customized approach to settling each divorce, alimony, child custody and child support case is the focus of our family law firm, as well with any qualified family law attorney.

Board Certified Expert in Marital Law

Gary E. Williams - Expert family law lawyer in Clearwater at The Law Firm for Family LawGary E. Williams, founder of The Law Firm for Family Law in Clearwater, is dedicated to providing expert advice and representation to our clients. As one of only 17 Board Certified Experts in Marital and Family Law in Pinellas County, as appointed by the Florida Bar, our family & divorce attorney meets the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and legal skills in his field.

This sensational honor has been bestowed upon Gary for his skills in serving individuals who require dedicated legal representation in family law, allowing our law firm to confidently provide the guidance, tools and assurance families need during divorce proceedings.

Family Law Mediator

Gary is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. What this means to you is that Gary has been trained in the best methods to bring a case to settlement.   Since mediation is required in every case and because settling your case is almost always a better alternative than a trial, the experience Gary has gained in doing mediations  can be of significant value to you in settling your case.   Also, be aware, that not all settlements are the same.  In the area of your assets, different assets have different tax consequences and different valuation methods.  Since Gary has been certified as a Divorce Financial Analyst by the IDFA, he understands all of these financial issues.”

Board Certified Expert in Trial Advocacy

Unfortunately, not all cases settle and, when that is the case, the trial skills of your family attorney become of the utmost importance.  Gary graduated from the Stetson College of Law. Stetson is consistently ranked as the best law school in the country in the area of Trial Advocacy.    Not only that, the National Board of Trial Advocates has bestowed upon Gary their designation of Board Certified Advocate.  What this means for you is that if you have to go to trial, Gary has earned the right to call himself an expert in trial advocacy.   If you are facing a trial about your children, your assets and your income, shouldn’t you have an expert standing next to you in Court?

Professionalism. Integrity. Compassion.

At The Law Firm for Family Law in Clearwater, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the three most important principals required in effective legal representation: Professionalism, Integrity and Compassion.

Professionalism: Our exacting legal status allows us to practice in the pursuit of you and your family’s livelihood. We are dedicated to providing seasoned, skilled representation to help you prepare for your new life using the tools and educative resources necessary to create a fulfilled outcome.

Integrity: Our family law firm’s adherence to moral and ethical principles will allow you and your family to excel in undiminished honesty. Sound moral character provides the foundation for precise and calculated representation.

Compassion: Moving forward with divorce is a difficult decision, no matter the circumstances. We understand the suffering that accompanies this choice, and are committed to understanding your case fully, while alleviating your pain with personalized legal representation.

Choosing the Right Divorce & Family Lawyer in Clearwater

With over 1800 cases under our proverbial legal belt, The Law Firm for Family Law has represented both men and women who have made the decision to separate from their loved ones, as well as those who were delivered the upsetting news that their partner is moving forward without them.

Each case requires a specialized approach, and our experience speaks for itself. Our Board Certified Family Law Expert has resolved literally hundreds of cases with high conflict and high asset parameters, as well as those who have decided to separate amicably and simply require a legal end to their decision.

When children are involved, our Clearwater family attorney shines as a beacon of child welfare.

Guardian ad Litem for children

Gary has been appointed by a number of family law courts as a Guardian ad Litem for the parties’ children.  This experience has made Gary sensitive to the children’s view of divorce and of their parents in conflict. As Gary tells all of his clients with children, he will represent them to the best of his ability, but he will never do anything that he believes is not in the best interest of the children involved in the case.