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Author Archives: Gary E. Williams

Divorcing Spouse Faces Professional Consequences for Actions Taken During Divorce

A high-conflict divorce, involving both intense emotions and serious financial consequences, can make otherwise-sane people do things that they normally wouldn’t. Sometimes, these acts committed in a moment of insanity can have serious consequences. A local attorney has now had his license to practice law in Florida suspended based on an alleged forgery committed… Read More »

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Florida Supreme Court Considers Parental Claims by Three Parents

In a first-of-its-kind case in the state of Florida, the state’s Supreme Court is considering the claims of two men who each assert their custodial rights as the father of a five-year-old girl, where one of the men is married to the child’s biological mother. Learn more about the case below, and speak with… Read More »

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Superyacht Seized in Ongoing Divorce Battle involving Russian Oligarch

When divorcing spouses fail to comply with court orders on how assets should be divided and distributed between spouses, parties may have to take dramatic measures to get the money they’re owed. In one record-setting UK divorce, government officials have now ordered that ownership of one of the world’s most lavish private yachts be… Read More »

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Vanilla Ice’s Soon-to-be-Ex Accuses Rapper of Hiding Assets in Divorce

Florida property owner Rob Van Winkle—commonly known by the stage name Vanilla Ice—is in the midst of a long-running and contentious divorce battle before a Florida judge. Recently, his estranged wife Laura filed court documents claiming that Vanilla has hidden assets to which she is entitled to a share as part of the divorce…. Read More »

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Divorce of Local Real Estate Scions Becomes a Battle over Division of Massive Estate

After a nearly-70-year-long union, West Palm Beach real estate moguls Burt and Lucille “Lovey” Handelsman are now divorced. Even though the marriage has legally ended, the fight continues over how courts will divide the property they accumulated during seven decades of marriage. Find out more about the hotly-contested split below, and contact an experienced… Read More »

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New Laws Affecting Florida Family Court Litigants Now in Effect

Determining how to share custody after a split can be a hotly-contested issue for unmarried parents. A law that has recently entered into effect in Florida will provide a custody-sharing schedule that parents can use in lieu of hashing out their own, which could expedite the process of reaching a mutually-agreeable custody arrangement for… Read More »

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Hall-of-Famer and Former Miami Dolphin Settles Claim with Ex-Wife

Earlier in 2017, the former spouse of Miami Dolphins defensive end and outside lineman Jason Taylor filed a lawsuit against Taylor to enforce the terms of their divorce settlement . The couple has recently reached a settlement of the multi-million-dollar claim. Jason and Katina, the sister of Jason’s former teammate Zach Thomas, had been… Read More »

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Baseball Player Facing Multiple Lawsuits in Florida Family Court

Miguel Cabrera, a legendary slugger for the Detroit Tigers, has his hands full of legal problems at the moment. Both his wife and a mistress have submitted court filings naming the former MVP as a defendant. Between the two cases, Cabrera could end up paying out tens of thousands in support payments, in addition… Read More »

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Donative Intent Ruling Gives Wife Property Rights

A former husband and wife have been embroiled in a lengthy property dispute because the ex-wife believes that her ex-husband has “donative intent”. The couple were married in 1987. Prior to walking down the aisle both had prenuptial agreements in place which stated that all premarital properties would remain their own in the event… Read More »

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Financially Unstable Ex-Wife Receives Modification of Alimony Judgment

A recent case in the UK has highlighted the complexity of requests for modification of judgment in alimony, that could have relevance to high asset divorces here in the United States. Fifteen years after their divorce, an ex-husband has been ordered to increase the monthly payments he makes to his ex-wife after she made… Read More »

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