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Balancing Parenting Plans in Clearwater, Florida

Since 2005, our Clearwater, Florida divorce attorney has represented spouses with children under the age of 18 who require sustained care from both parents to thrive, and as you could imagine, that is not always an easy task.

The Florida Courts require both parents to participate in a mandatory Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course that is designed to assist divorcing parents in understanding the impact divorce has on their children. These educational training tools help parents look beyond their personal divorce issues, and identify the bigger concern of their parting: The children. While there are many steps to getting time-sharing right, some of which require trial and error, the focus should always include placing the children’s best interests above your personal feelings.

Identify A Clearwater, Florida Parenting Plan That Works

Only you, your soon to be ex-spouse, and your children know what type of parenting plan is best. That is to say, if one parent travels several days a week, it makes more sense for the child’s main household to be with the one parent who is not spending the majority of their time on the road.

If that is not the case, divorce provides a perfect opportunity to split the parenting duties down the middle. Our Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law, Gary E. Williams, has handled over 1,800 cases and endured his own difficult divorce, so knows that concept is easier proposed than accomplished.

Here is the upside to considering an equitable parenting plan. Maybe one parent was always in charge of making dinner, overseeing homework, and dropping off Science projects that were inadvertently left behind. Now, both parents have the opportunity to positively expand their roles when the children are with them, which will allow the kids to benefit from both parents taking on the responsibilities that may have formally been out of their comfort zone.

No More Weekend Parents: Making Life Better For Children Of Divorce In Florida

Equitable parenting typically works better for parents who live in close proximity to each other, and the child’s school, but what about those who live farther away?

The idea is to provide the best living conditions possible for your children, and this could mean that they spend four days with one parent, and three days with the other, and then alternate the following week. Some families find that the children spending one week per household works perfectly, as the parents can spend their “off week” recharging their batteries and enjoying a more involved personal or social life.

The State of Florida and its Family Courts are advocates for children of divorce and want both parents to be involved in their lives — full time. If couples can communicate effectively and be respectful to one another, both will have more options when it comes to parenting arrangements — and the children will learn by their behavior, leading to healthier relationships with both parents.

If you are pursuing a divorce, contact our Clearwater, Florida family law attorney at The Law Firm For Family Law today at (727) 619-1334 to understand your rights, your children’s rights, and how proceeding with a divorce will affect everyone’s lives going forward.

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