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Celebrity “Amicable” Split Becomes High-Conflict Divorce

American singer and actress Mandy Moore filed to divorce her husband in January 2015, and in a joint statement, had said that their split was ‘respectful’ and ‘amicable’. Months after their announcement, new court documents indicate that the former spouses may be embroiled in a high-conflict divorce as Mandy Moore has asked her ex-husband Ryan Adams to take responsibility for some of their pets.

What Mandy Wants

In her recent court filings, Mandy is asking the court to order her ex to take at least 4 of their 8 pets (6 cats and 2 dogs) and to pay her spousal support of $37,000 monthly. Mandy has alleged that Adams earns around $151,000 monthly while she earns much less than.

Dealing with High-Conflict Divorce

Separating couples often find a divorce an emotionally challenging time even when they openly declare that they continue to respect one another or that the parting was a joint and peaceful decision for them. But some couples go through tougher divorces than others, battling for child custody, support, or property division.

No two divorce cases are exactly alike. When you are involved in a divorce where the other party may be vengeful, or demanding more than what you think they deserve, it is vital to speak to an experienced family law attorney before making any important decisions.

Legal Advice

An experienced divorce attorney can provide you with all the relevant knowledge to understand your situation, the legal options available to you, and the different outcomes that you may expect from each direction you intend to take.


Many high-conflict divorce cases go through court proceedings and you can benefit tremendously from experienced and active legal representation in court. You’ll need an attorney who not only knows the rules, but is able to apply them to your advantage in court.

Working out of Clearwater, Florida, the Law Firm For Family Law headed by Gary E. Williams has handled more than 1,800 family law cases, many of which were high-conflict divorce cases. Mr. Williams is a board-certified expert in Marital and Family Law in Pinellas County and is also a board-certified expert in trial advocacy.

We provide embattled clients with assertive representation and work very hard to provide you the attention and support that you need in these troubled times. If you are contemplating divorce, we invite you to call our offices at (727) 531-8737 to speak to an attorney about your situation.

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