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Chris Brown Files Paternity Suit for Daughter Royalty

R & B artist Chris Brown recently announced on social media that he is the father of a little girl named “Royalty.” His daughter currently lives in Texas with her mother Nia Guzman-Amey.

For months, the rapper has provided $2,500 in monthly child support, an amount that he believes to be much higher than a family court may order him to pay. Despite the regular monthly child support, Nia is reportedly asking Chris to pay $15,000 a month which Chris feels is way above what Royalty needs.

In a recent Instagram post, Chris hints at not having access to Royalty. The rapper has filed a paternity petition which may lead to orders for support and child custody if paternity is established.

Establishing Paternity in Florida

Florida family law allows unmarried fathers to exercise certain rights over their biological children, such as parenting time, and to establish the reasonable extent of their support obligations for as long as paternity is legally established.

In Florida, a child’s mother or father may initiate the petition to establish paternity and ask the court to order scientific paternity testing if one of the parties to the petition disputes paternity. If the child’s father signed an acknowledgment of paternity at the hospital when the child was born, paternity is deemed legally established and the court may no longer order paternity testing.

Effects of Paternity

When paternity is legally established, the father may ask the judge to issue orders on:

Any petition on child custody may involve use of legal terms such as ‘sole parental responsibility’, ‘time-sharing’, and ‘parenting plan’, which must first be discussed with a family law attorney for appropriate advice and direction.

If both parents are unable to agree on the amount of regular child support, the court may also determine the value of monthly child support and issue an order directing either parent to pay his or her share in the support to the other parent.

In the case of Chris Brown’s daughter, the rapper may ask the family court to set a reasonable amount of child support following relevant state guidelines in its computation.

If you are contemplating a paternity suit in Florida, The Law Firm for Family Law established by board certified marital and family law expert Gary E. Williams can help you in reaching your desired outcome, whether in parenting or child support issues.

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