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Family Law Attorney Representing Divorce Cases in Belleair Bluffs, FL

Belleair and Belleair Bluffs (known to locals as “The Bluffs”) first gained recognition after the railroad tycoon, Henry B. Plant, constructed a luxurious resort on the peninsula west of Tampa Bay. Henry B. Plant was also the builder of the luxurious hotel that is now the University of Tampa. Established as cities in the earlier 1960’s, Belleaire and Belleaire Bluffs are located west of Clearwater and north of Seminole in Pinellas County, Florida.

The year-round pleasurable temperature of this tropical area and its approximation to bustling city centers like Clearwater and Tampa Bay is what draws individuals from around the world to settle in this thriving yet placid city. The area has a number of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy, from yachting and fishing in Clearwater Bay to tennis, golfing, and cycling along the many paths and dunes.

Regardless of its idyllic location, just like anywhere else in the U.S., Belleair Bluffs has its share of family conflicts.

If you live in either Belleair or Belleair Bluffs you have reached a certain level of financial success. You live in a beautiful home and have acquired significant assets during your marriage.

If you are now faced with the unfortunate possibility of a divorce, because you want one or your spouse does, it’s important for you to prepare properly.  Your case may involve a high level of assets, or a business you own, it may include deferred compensation, stock options, retirement programs and other vest and non-vested financial benefits. Any of these types of assets requires careful planning and a Belleair Bluffs Family Law Attorney who understands complex financial matters.

Board Certified Belleair Bluffs Family Law lawyer

Belleair Bluffs Family Law lawyer Gary E. Williams is both a Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law and he has an MBA from Florida Tech University. Gary’s training, education and experience give him the knowledge he needs to deal with your high asset or complex litigation case.  More reassuring is that Gary has been awarded the designation of Board Certified Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocates. There are only 17 board certified experts in martial law in Pinellas County and only one who is also a Board Certified Advocate, before your divorce starts, call The Law Firm For Family Law and consult with a divorce lawyer as to what you need to be doing to get ready for the divorce that is coming your way.  Planning is powerful and knowledge is power.  Let us show you how to use both to your advantage.

How High Asset Divorce Cases Are Different

Florida law requires the Court to do “equity” to the parties. In high assets divorce cases, “equity” is harder to define. Your high asset case may involve any of these factors:

  • A Home with Capital Gains Tax Issues if Sold
  • Stock holdings, Pre-Marital and Marital
  • Stock Holdings with various Tax Liabilities when Sold.
  • Pre-Marital Equity in Your Real Property Holdings.
  • A Professional Practice, involving the issues of “Goodwill”
  • Student Loan Debts
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Stock Options, both Vested and Non-Vested
  • Assets that are a mix of Marital and Non-Marital Assets
  • Termination Payments
  • Retirement Assets, IRA’s, 401-K’s, 403B’s
  • Military Pensions
  • FRS Pensions
  • Closing Held Corporations
  • Inherited assets

Any of these assets, and others, complicate the financial analysis of your divorce. Different classes of assets have different tax rules; different classes of assets will depreciate or appreciate in different ways over the long term.

You face questions such as “Do I want the house or the stock?” Or “How do I protect my pension?” Or  “What about my inheritance, is it marital too?” Or “Does my practice have value in a divorce and can my spouse get an interest in it?” and even “How does alimony work in Florida?”

These types of asset, these types of issues and these types of questions require the expertise that can only come from a Board Certified Specialist in Marital and Family Law. There are only 17 such certified family law attorneys in Pinellas County, and even fewer who have also acquired  the designation of Board Certified Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocates.

Belleair Bluffs Family Law Attorney Gary E. Williams

Belleair Bluffs Family Law Attorney Gary E. Williams, our marital and family law expert, also has an MBA and a BA in Business which gives him the education necessary to understand complex business documents, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets and tax returns. Gary is also a Divorce Financial Analysts certified by the IDFA and the benefit of that training for you is that he understands the complexities of the alimony recapture rule, the rules of depreciation and the tax impact of taking the equity in the house versus the stock portfolio or pension payments.

Do not wait until you have already been served divorce papers and do not hire an attorney for your high-asset divorce case until you talk to our Belleair Bluffs Family Law Lawyer at The Law Firm For Family Law. Pre-planning the divorce can be a major advantage as the case progresses. We will meet with you, analyze the assets and liabilities involved in your case and then develop a plan for going forward. Belleair Bluffs Divorce Attorney Gary E. Williams has represented many Doctors, Attorneys, CPA’s, Presidents and CEO’s.  He understands what is important and what’s not important in divorcing clients with these types of assets and he can help you focus on what’s really important.

Why The Law Firm for Family Law?

The Law Firm for Family Law focuses on the needs of our client and then our Belleair Bluffs Family Law lawyer develop a game plan so that we can go the extra mile to protect each client’s best interests. We can investigate every detail of your case and your assets to ensure that your separate property is exempt and that your marital property is fairly divided. We can also employ high quality forensic CPA’s to assist as expert witnesses in your case. Our Belleair Bluffs Family Law lawyer has the skills and experience to help you resolve your case in the best possible manner. Call us today ~ (727) 531-8737

One last thought for you about high asset cases.  If you and your spouse both want an amicable divorce process, you should consider a Collaborative Divorce. Collaborative divorces are cases where both parties agree, in advance, that they are not going to litigate their divorce. Rather, they and their respective attorneys are going to negotiate a resolution to the case. These types of divorces represent the most peaceful way to dissolve a marriage and the process is designed to search for win-win solutions to the issues the parties must resolve.

Call Belleair Bluffs Family Law Lawyer Now

Our expert Belleair Bluffs Family Law lawyer is certified as a Collaborate Divorce Attorney and he is a member of the Next Generation Divorce collaborative divorce group here in the Tampa area.

If this approach to divorce is of interest to you, call us to schedule a consultation ~ (727) 531-8737.

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Directions to Our Clearwater Family Law Attorneys from Belleair or Belleair Bluffs, FL

These directions are from Google Maps starting from:

Belleair or Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770

Total Est. Time: 23 mins

Total Est. Distance: 10.8 mi

  1. Head east on Jewell Rd toward Lois Ln
  2. Turn left onto Indian Rocks Rd N
  3. Take the 3rd right onto Mehlenbacher Rd
  4. Continue onto 8th Ave NW
  5. Turn left onto Clearwater Largo Rd N
  6. Take the 3rd right onto Rosery Rd NW
  7. Turn left onto FL-595 N/FL-651/US-19 ALT N/Missouri Ave N
  8. Turn right onto Belleair Rd
  9. Turn left onto US-19 N
  10. Take the exit toward Sunset Point Dr
  11. Merge onto Frontage Rd
  12. Turn right onto McCormick Dr
  13. Destination will be on the right

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