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Family Law Attorney Representing Divorce Cases in Clearwater Beach, FL

If you have to endure the difficulty of a divorce, Clearwater Beach is a really nice place to do so. Clearwater Beach is an international vacation destination and its beaches are consistently ranked among the most beautiful in the world.  The beaches and the tranquil breeze off of the Gulf of Mexico make the Clearwater Beach area one of the best to relieve the stress of a divorce.

Clearwater, the parent of Clearwater Beach, was originally named Clear Water, which was the English translation of the Indian name “Pocotopaug.”

In 1835 during the government built the original Fort Harrison and the city grew slowing until after World War II ended when many of the military veterans who passed through the Fort came back to settle in the area permanently. In 1981 John Sumner built the Holiday Inn Surfside and the building boom that resulted created Clearwater Beach.

If you live in either city and you are facing a divorce you need a Clearwater Beach divorce lawyer with the expertise and experience you guide you successfully through the process of the divorce action.

Offering a New Lease On Life

There is life after divorce – you just have to get to the “after divorce” part, which can be an emotional and challenging time for anyone. It is said that getting a divorce is the most difficult thing you will ever have to do in your life but at The Law Firm For Family Law, our Clearwater Beach family law lawyer have helped over 1800 clients reorganize their lives and get on with their “life after divorce.”

Getting a Divorce in Clearwater Beach 

Under Florida statutes, married couples can have their marriage dissolved or obtain a divorce without assigning fault or blame to the other party. While fault need not be proven in order to obtain a dissolution of marriage, but that does not mean that “fault” may not matter.  “Fault” issues, such as infidelity or the wasting of marital assets may affect the award of alimony, distribution of marital assets and obligations, and the Court’s decision on which parent should have child custody or parental responsibility.

There are two ways of dissolving a marriage in Florida — they are either contested cases or uncontested cases.  Uncontested cases are those where the parties reach an agreement, hopefully early in their case, and the final hearing is only for presenting the Marital Settlement Agreement and/or Parenting Plan, if necessary, to the Court for it to enter the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.

A contested divorce is one where it is necessary for us to conduct a trial and to rely upon the Court to make the decisions about the divorce, rather than for the parties to do so.

Why Clearwater Beach Family Law Attorney at The Law Firm For Family Law?

At The Law Firm For Family Law we always try to make a case as uncontested as possible.  It is almost always better for the parties to reach their own decisions about children’s issues and the issues of property distribution, alimony and other issues. In order to reach a fair and equitable settlement you need to know what your rights are, what your options are and what the likely outcome is if your case goes to trial.   Our expert Clearwater Beach divorce lawyer, Gary E. Williams, is well qualified to represent you through each step of an uncontested divorce action to insure that you get a deal that is fair and equitable.  Virtually every week, Gary meets a client who was unrepresented when he or she signed a Marital Settlement Agreement that was completely unfair and one-sided.  Once you sign a Marital Settlement Agreement or a Mediation Agreement they become enforceable contracts, no matter how unfair they are, and they are very difficult to set aside. The general rule is pretty much like this: “If you sign a Marital Settlement Agreement – you are stuck with it.”

The time to consult with a Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law is before you sign an Agreement and not afterwards.

Gary E. Williams is also a Florida Supreme Court certified Family Law Mediator and he has experience in actually doing mediations. What that means for you is that he has the negotiation abilities to help you reach an amicable and equitable resolution to your divorce through a Marital Settlement Agreement and/or a Parenting Plan.

A contested action requires a completely different set of skills.  When a case is contested and going to trial, you need an expert in Marital and Family Law who is also an expert at Advocacy. Advocacy is the art of presenting your client’s position to a Court, but its more than that as well. To be an expert advocate you must also know how to prepare a case for trial; you have to know how to conduct a deposition so that you are prepared to cross-examine the other party and their witnesses. Finally, its about having a presence that commands respect in the courtroom. Our expert, Gary E. Williams, is an expert in Marital and Family Law and he is also an expert in Trial Advocacy. The National Board of Trial Advocates has certified that Gary is also a Certified Expert in Trial Advocacy.

What this means to you is that Gary has the expertise and the experience to conduct your contested divorce action regardless if we are negotiating a settlement or conducting a trial.


In Clearwater Beach and throughout Pinellas and Pasco Counties our Clearwater Beach divorce attorney Gary E. Williams has the for experience in high-asset divorce cases, family cases with complex custody issues. We also handle other family law matters such as domestic violence, child support, and prenuptial agreementsCall us today ~ (727) 531-8737 to schedule a consultation with our expert.

Directions to Our Clearwater Family Law Attorneys from Clearwater Beach, FL

These directions are from Google Maps starting from:

Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

Total Est. Time: 21 mins

Total Est. Distance: 8.6 mi

  1. Head east toward Causeway Blvd/Clearwater Memorial Causeway
  2. Exit the traffic circle onto Causeway Blvd/Clearwater Memorial Causeway
  3. Continue onto Pierce Blvd
  4. Continue onto Chestnut St
  5. Continue onto Court St
  6. Continue onto Gulf to Bay Blvd
  7. Turn left onto S Keene Rd
  8. Turn right onto Drew St
  9. Slight left onto FL-590 E/NE Coachman Rd
  10. Turn left onto Frontage Rd
  11. Turn right onto McCormick Dr
  12. Destination will be on the right


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