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Treasure Island Attorney Representing Divorce Cases in East Lake, FL

Surrounded by pristine aquamarine waters and white sandy beaches is the whimsically named community of Treasure Island, a city of over 6000 residents located on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Originally settled by the native Tocobaga tribe around 300CE, the town gained its name in 1915 after scheming property owners buried wooden chests along the shores and “uncovered” these treasure-filled chests, all in an attempt to increase property sales.

The ploy apparently worked, as the area has since enjoyed a surge in home and hotel growth with one of the residences being home to renowned baseball player, Babe Ruth.

Military Divorce in Treasure Island

The majority of households in Treasure Island are occupied by married couples, some of whom are serving or have served in the military. If you or your spouse is in the military and are considering divorce, it’s important to note that a military divorce can be more complicated than a typical civilian divorce.

A military divorce can impact:

  • Where you can file for divorce
  • How support will be calculated
  • How custody and visitation will work for you and you children
  • If and how pension rights and other benefits will be calculated

1) Filing for Divorce

Generally speaking, couples need to file for divorce in the state where the military spouse resides or is domiciled, though in some situations couples may be able to file for divorce in a state which both agree to.

2) Calculating Child and Spousal Support

Both child and spousal support is largely controlled by the state, but military support issues are particularly unique. Typically the courts will look at the member’s base salary and then observe:

  • The serving member’s housing allowance
  • Family commitments
  • Pay grade and pay differentials
  • “In-kind” compensation

3) Custody and Visitation

Frequent moves and future deployments can make custody and visitation real issue for military personnel. It’s imperative for divorcing parents to have a thorough and well written parenting plan that will fully describe how time will be shared between both individuals with their children. Most military parents benefit from having a series of alternative parenting plans depending on the various situations they may find themselves in.

4) Pensions and Benefits

Pension plans, life insurance, and medical benefits are all subject to division in a divorce based on your state laws, though military personnel face additional unique issues, particularly if they are still active.

Military divorces can be difficult to navigate and no spouse should negotiate or sign a settlement agreement without consulting a divorce attorney. Experienced military divorce lawyer Gary Williams has represented a number of military personnel and spouses over the years.

If you have any questions about military divorce or are seeking proper representation, we invite you to call us at (727) 755-2192.


These directions are from Google Maps starting from:

Treasure Island, FL

Total Est. Time: 34 mins

Total Est. Distance: 18.4 mi

  1. Head southwest on 107th Ave toward Gulf Blvd
  2. Make a U-turn at Gulf Blvd
  3. Continue onto Treasure Island Causeway
  4. Continue onto Central Ave S
  5. Turn left onto Pasadena Ave N
  6. Pasadena Ave N turns left and becomes FL-693 N/66th St N
  7. Continue to follow FL-693 N
  8. Use the left 2 lanes to take the ramp onto US-19 N
  9. Keep left to stay on US-19 N
  10. Take the exit toward Sunset Point Dr
  11. Merge onto Frontage Rd
  12. Keep right to stay on Frontage Rd
  13. Turn right onto McCormick Dr
  14. Destination will be on the right

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