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Common Florida Divorce Myths

A little information can be a dangerous thing — especially in divorce cases.

We all have relatives and friends who have been through divorce proceedings. We have all read about divorces in the news and seen fictionalizations of them on TV and movie screens. And sometimes we believe the rumors and misinformation and half-truths these representations show. However, it is essential that you weed truth from fiction when facing divorce.

Do not fall victim to urban legends and half-truths. Every family law attorney has heard common and uncommon divorce myths over the years, and most are easily debunked with just a little common sense.

Myth: Child custody always goes to the mother

While it is true that the vast majority of custody cases go in favor of the mother, it is by no means a rule. Family courts make custody rulings according to the best interests of the child, with no exceptions. If that involves awarding primary custody to the father, then that is what the court will do.

Myth: Divorce means a long, costly trial

Most divorces never go to court. They are settled completely through negotiation and mediation.

Myth: Florida does not allow legal separation

A legal separation lets two spouses live separately while remaining married. While many states allow such arrangements, it is technically correct that no formal legal separation laws exist in the state of Florida. But there are several legal ways to bring about the same effective result as a legal separation in the Sunshine State.

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