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Divorce, Finances & Court Orders in Clearwater, Florida

In April’s blog, we talked about the court order to have a Superyacht Seized in Ongoing Divorce Battle involving Russian Oligarch, as a result of the husband’s failure to pay what he owed based on the court’s previously mandated division of property order.

At The Law Firm for Family Law, our Clearwater, Florida attorney understands that most couple’s assets are far from that of a Russian Oligarch, but they are equally as important when financial support and asset division are headlining divorce proceedings.

What If A Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement is in Place at the Time of Divorce?

When divorcing couples have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement on file, the division of assets is a simpler process — assuming the parties comply with the contractual agreement. Even then, the spousal support payments must be negotiated, and the entire agreement upheld to the letter.

The clear-cut legal enforcement that is available when agreements are in place is remarkably less stressful than divorce proceedings where one does not exist. In both cases, our experienced attorneys will streamline the proceedings to deliver solutions more efficiently.

Divorce and Common Financial Court Orders in Clearwater, Florida

From the divorce filing process to its finalization, finances and assets are the first items of deliberation for couples who do not have children. When full financial disclosure becomes an issue, our accomplished attorney is able to forensically uncover any unlisted assets, to avoid attempts at hiding them from consideration.

Once the assets are listed fully, and a couple is unwilling to decide on the equitable distribution on their own, a judge will render a verdict regarding the financial allocation – both in full for assets and in payments for spousal support.

What Happens When A Spouse Refuses to Comply with the Court-Ordered Decision?

When a spouse refuses to obey a judge’s order, s/he can be held in contempt of court.

This can include failure or blatant refusal to:

  • Pay court-ordered spousal support
  • Deliver property as required by a divorce court

Our enforcement attorneys in Clearwater, Florida successfully represent spouses who are seeking their court-ordered financial verdicts to recover the unpaid or undistributed property they are entitled to.

Including a renewed judge’s order for:

  • Awarding monetary judgment
  • Immediate division of property and assets
  • Requirements for payment of costs and fees in connection with the motion for contempt

It is not unusual for on party to defy their court-ordered payments or asset distribution, but it is unlawful. Our divorce and payment enforcement success is second to none in the State of Florida, and we will devise an assured plan for you to get the financial decree you are entitled to.

The Legal Help You Need During and After a Divorce from The Law Firm for Family Law

If you are considering divorce, are in the middle of a divorce, or are struggling with a defiant spouse who refuses to follow court orders, contact The Law Firm for Family Law in Clearwater, Florida today at (727) 777-6903 to seek the resolution you deserve without delay.

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