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High Conflict Divorce

For many, divorce is an emotionally trying time, often made more complex by high-conflict couples. Long and drawn out court battles often arise when separating couples are unable to set aside their personal differences and accept any type of agreement for the sake of their children, or to move forward with their lives. Many… Read More »

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Divorce Rate Linked to Bigger Economic Cycles

Most divorcing couples end their marriages because the relationship is no longer satisfying or supportive. They fall out of love. Certain interpersonal patterns finally become unbearable. One of the spouses cheats on the other. Once they start divorce proceedings, many people discover the large — and often contentious — role that family finances play… Read More »

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How Much Should You Tell Your Kids About the Divorce?

As any divorced parent can tell you, there is no easy way to break the news to the kids. It can be easier if the announcement comes from both parents. And it helps if both parties are calm and focused on the needs of the children. However, children often have other questions once the… Read More »

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Three Reasons to Hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Many people do not realize how complicated their finances are until they start divorce proceedings. Assets such as stock options, real estate, business interests or an executive-level compensation package can involve significant financial resources. To ensure that your divorce settlement is fair, you may want the services of a professional.

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Identifying All Marital Assets

Both parties in a Florida divorce proceeding are required to disclose their financial records preliminary to a decision on equitable distribution of marital property. In some cases, a spouse may fail to make a full report, either through honest error or, in a contested divorce situation, in an attempt to hide marital assets from… Read More »

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Divorce Over 50: Is it for You?

Born between 1946 and 1964, the Baby Boomers continue to redefine American culture. Currently, couples over 50 are initiating divorce in record numbers for reasons all their own. In 2012, a study from Bowling Green University discussed factors behind the rise in couples divorcing in middle and older age. Findings included:

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Military Divorce: Protection During Active Duty

If you are in the military, or married to a service member, it is important to understand valuable protections provided by federal law to those actively engaged in service to our country. Reaching a decision to divorce is a difficult process. Oftentimes when that point is reached, one spouse or the other may want… Read More »

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Understanding Residency Requirements for Military Divorce

In many ways a military divorce is similar to a civilian divorce — a couple splits because they’ve grown apart. But the stress on a military family is much different than that on a civilian family, and the process of divorce encompasses both state and federal law. Even knowing where to file for divorce… Read More »

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You Can Appeal If Your Divorce Decree was Botched

  The right to appeal a ruling or conviction is an inherent component of the U.S. legal system. In Florida, you have the right to appeal your final divorce decree. If you believe in your recently concluded case that your attorney failed to address legal irregularities by the presiding judge, you can appeal. How… Read More »

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Collaborative or High-Conflict Divorce-Which Will It Be?

  When you decided to leave your spouse, you started preparing yourself for the challenge ahead. You went on the web and did some research to get basic information about your options under Florida divorce law. You found that Chapter 61 of the Florida Statute contains just about everything you need to know from… Read More »

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