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Category Archives: Family Law

Baseball Player Facing Multiple Lawsuits in Florida Family Court

Miguel Cabrera, a legendary slugger for the Detroit Tigers, has his hands full of legal problems at the moment. Both his wife and a mistress have submitted court filings naming the former MVP as a defendant. Between the two cases, Cabrera could end up paying out tens of thousands in support payments, in addition… Read More »

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Donative Intent Ruling Gives Wife Property Rights

A former husband and wife have been embroiled in a lengthy property dispute because the ex-wife believes that her ex-husband has “donative intent”. The couple were married in 1987. Prior to walking down the aisle both had prenuptial agreements in place which stated that all premarital properties would remain their own in the event… Read More »

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Financially Unstable Ex-Wife Receives Modification of Alimony Judgment

A recent case in the UK has highlighted the complexity of requests for modification of judgment in alimony, that could have relevance to high asset divorces here in the United States. Fifteen years after their divorce, an ex-husband has been ordered to increase the monthly payments he makes to his ex-wife after she made… Read More »

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A General Overview of Military Divorce

Most people might assume that being a US service man or woman shouldn’t matter when getting a divorce, but while the legal consequence is the same, there are special rules and requirements that apply to military divorce. If you are a member of the military or a spouse to a US service person and… Read More »

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What Is Alimony, and Who Is Entitled to It?

Alimony is a word that we often hear in a movie, on a TV program, and out on the street, but what does it really mean? The Basics When a married couple is divorced, the court might award “alimony” or spousal support to one of the spouses based either on a pre-existing agreement or… Read More »

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Ex-Wife of Multimillionaire Seeking $5 Million Annual Settlement

The ex-wife of multimillionaire Richard Stephenson, founder and chairman of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital network, is demanding that she be receive $5 million a year after divorcing her husband. Stephenson and is ex-wife, Alicia Stephenson, were married in 1991. At the time a prenuptial agreement was made, however the document stated… Read More »

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Five Child Custody Issues that Are within Your Control

The hardest decision in a divorce is often that regarding child custody. According to Florida law, this decision should be made in the interest of the children. Five Factors within Your Control When Seeking Custody of Your Children 1. Your mental and physical health is important to the courts According to the laws of… Read More »

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Gaining Peace of Mind with Temporary Restraining Order

There are some situations that we will never be fully prepared for in life and that includes suffering threats, harassment, stalking and physical or emotional abuse at the hands of a partner or stranger. If you are being subjected to such violence then you may want to consider obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order so… Read More »

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Considering the Children in a High Conflict Divorce Case

One of the great fears of individuals who are getting divorced is the risk of a high conflict divorce. These types of divorces are wrought with anger, mistrust, fighting, and contempt. Often, parents in high conflict divorces will become embittered and unable to separate the best interests of their children from the contentiousness of… Read More »

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Factors that Are Considered in Equitable Distributions Case

In the majority of States, Courts split assets according to a principle known as Equitable Distribution. What this means is that the court will look to divide assets fairly rather than equally. For individuals, in the States that use equitable distribution to split assets, the system may seem subjective and dependent upon the particular… Read More »

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