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Five Child Custody Issues that Are within Your Control

The hardest decision in a divorce is often that regarding child custody. According to Florida law, this decision should be made in the interest of the children.

Five Factors within Your Control When Seeking Custody of Your Children

1. Your mental and physical health is important to the courts

According to the laws of Florida, your mental and physical health should be considered when deciding upon child custody. Additionally, the court will consider your moral fitness as a parent.

2. Your ability to consider the needs of the child as opposed to your own needs

The judge will want to see how you are interested in promoting the child’s interests. These can be different to your own interests. It is very impressive to a judge when a parent is clearly putting the child first.

3. Your ability to provide a stable environment for the child

When the judge determines what is in the best interest of the child, the judge will want to see a stable environment for the child. This environment begins with the home and extends to the community and school that has become part of the child’s life. By allowing the child to continue in this stable environment, you provide yourself with a stronger position regarding child custody.

4. Your ability to demonstrate an ability to facilitate and encourage strong parent-child relationships

Despite the difficulty of a divorce, the judge wants to see that you can demonstrate an ability to encourage parent-child relationships. Essentially, the judge wants to know whether you can work with the other parent and be flexible when it comes to promoting your child’s well-being.

5. Your ability to perform necessary tasks for the child and your history of performing those tasks

The judge will want to know that you have a history of supporting your child’s endeavors. By showing your ability to perform customary tasks, you will be a step ahead in demonstrating your suitability for raising the child.

The Law Firm for Family Law Can Help

When it comes to child custody issues, you should seek the advice of qualified attorneys who have experience with family law and courts. Firsthand experience is irreplaceable when it comes to parenting plans and the time that you will get to spend with your child.

Our attorneys at the Law Firm for Family Law understand the issues that need to be presented to the judge and know how to present them. If you are facing child custody issues, we welcome your call today for a free consultation at (727) 531-8737.


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