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You will find here the basic forms we use to become familiar with your case and to meet certain requirements under the Florida rules of family law procedure.

The first form is the Dissolution of Marriage Questionnaire. The second is the Post Dissolution of Marriage Questionnaire. Please print these out or save them to your computer, complete them and either email them to us or bring them with you to your first consultation. This will save you the time of having to prepare them once you arrive.

The second form listed is the Client Information Form. It provides us with more in depth information regarding the facts of your case and we will generally ask you these questions during the interview process. You may wish to go ahead and complete the form to speed up the initial interview process in our office.

The Listing of Required Documents provides you with a written listing of the documents we need for you to provide to us, if you have them available. Please review this list at your convenience and begin accumulating these documents so you can send us copies of them.

You will also find two forms of Financial Affidavits. One Short Form and one Long Form. If your individual gross annual income is less than $50,000 you may complete the short form. If your individual gross income is more than $50,000 you must complete the long form. Completion of this form is required in the first phase of your case, and you may wish to go ahead and complete it now to speed up the process.

You will also find the Standard Family Law Interrogatories form here. Interrogatories are a listing of questions that you must answer, under oath, as a part of most divorce cases. Because the questions and the form are difficult, you may wish to begin reviewing them now so as to be ready for this part oFf your case later.

Cases in family law usually settle and do not require a trial. In such cases we can use our experience and creativity to custom design a parenting plan that will work for your family in the real world. Working together with your spouse and their family law attorney we can address the issues you disagree upon in an effort to create a successful way to settle the case rather than litigate it.

However, make no mistake, we are prepared to try any case we are involved in. When children are involved divorce and/or custody cases, the Courts are now asking the parents to enter into a Parenting Plan arrangement.

Included on this page are the Florida Approved Parenting Plan (Hillsborough, Florida) and the Sixth Judicial Circuit (Pinellas and Pasco, Florida) for you to review so that you have an understanding of what can be asked of you in regards to your minor children.

Dissolution of Marriage Questionnaire
Post Dissolution of Marriage Questionnaire
Client Information Form
Listing of Required Documents
Financial Affidavit Short Form
Financial Affidavit Long Form
Standard Family Law Interrogatories
Sixth Circuit Parenting Plan


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