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Florida Man Arrested after Assaulting Spouse over Divorce Proceeding

A Florida man was arrested in early July after he tortured his soon-to-be former spouse after she filed for divorce earlier this year.

According to police, upon filing for divorce, the wife transferred more than $200,000 in the couple’s joint CD to a separate account, in an effort to prevent her husband from draining the account in the aftermath of the divorce filing. Upon receiving a notice from the bank, that his wife attempted to explain, the man pulled a .38 revolver, threatening to kill his spouse, her daughter and himself for attempting to take “his” money.

His spouse also informed detectives that she attempted to escape the house, despite being held at gunpoint, but instead was loaded into her husband’s truck and driven to Osceola National Forest, where he told her he was planning to kill her. He allegedly fired a gunshot near her head, before driving her back home, threatening to kill her and her child, should she disclose what had happened.

In the aftermath of his arrest, the husband was charged with domestic battery by strangulation, using a weapon during the commission of a felony, kidnapping and false imprisonment, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, among other charges.

High-Conflict Divorce in Florida

Divorce is rarely easy. However, there are some cases where a divorce involves a greater degree of conflict, compared to other proceedings – something that is often referred to as high-conflict divorce.

In high-conflict divorce cases, spouses may be at odds over any number of issues, including the division of property or other assets. This is especially true in cases involving sizable net worth or asset holdings, or in cases where a prenuptial agreement may not be present to outline terms, should the marriage come to an end.

Another key area of high-conflict divorce involves child custody, which can be a contentious issue for a couple in the divorce process. Though the state of Florida has its own statutes that guide child custody and time-sharing, couples in contested divorce situations may experience disputes regarding that time – disputes which can drag out already stressful proceedings.

In any situation involving high-conflict divorce, or in situations where divorce proceedings escalate to a contested level, it is important to enlist the assistance of the appropriate legal counsel, in order to ensure the protection of your rights, as well as the rights of any children involved.

Finding a Florida Divorce Attorney

If you or someone you know are involved in contentious divorce proceedings, and reside in or around Pinellas County, Florida, the attorneys at the Law Firm for Family Law can help.

Our team of family law specialists has successfully handled cases across all areas of family law, including those involving high-conflict divorce, including high-asset situations. We know that dealing with divorce is never easy, and that collaborative divorce is not always an option. That’s why our team of dedicated attorneys is committed to helping protect the rights of you and your loved ones, during this stressful time.

Our firm is led by our founder, Gary Williams, who is designated one of Pinellas County’s 18 Board Certified Experts in Marital in Family Law. Regardless of your high-conflict divorce situation, our firm has the experience and legal acumen necessary to see it through to a successful end.

We invite new clients to schedule a complimentary initial consultation, in order to help assess your case as soon as possible. To get started, contact the high-conflict divorce specialists at the Law Firm for Family Law at (727) 531-8737.

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