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Hall-of-Famer and Former Miami Dolphin Settles Claim with Ex-Wife

Earlier in 2017, the former spouse of Miami Dolphins defensive end and outside lineman Jason Taylor filed a lawsuit against Taylor to enforce the terms of their divorce settlement . The couple has recently reached a settlement of the multi-million-dollar claim.

Jason and Katina, the sister of Jason’s former teammate Zach Thomas, had been married for 14 years and had three children when they divorced in 2015. The divorce itself had long been kept secret from the public. The couple purchased separate homes on opposite sides of a development in West Broward County, and had lived separate lives until rumors leaked in December of 2016 that the couple had split. In order to keep the divorce private, the couple negotiated the terms of their divorce in advance and filed in the notoriously-private Key West court. Katina filed for divorce on January 25, 2015, and the case was considered resolved by the court on February 10, 2015—an incredibly brisk resolution for a divorce case.

The terms of the celebrity couple’s divorce might have remained private, if not for Jason’s alleged breach of the terms of the split. After what she claimed were repeated attempts to collect, Katina filed suit in a Fort Lauderdale court in June of 2017, just days before Jason was inducted into the Hall of Fame, demanding that Jason finish making the payments he owed Katina under their divorce settlement.

In her court filing, Katina claimed that Jason had agreed to make an $8.67 million lump sum alimony payment to her when the divorce was finalized. She claimed that Jason had failed to pay her an owed $3.4 million of that $8.67 million. In her complaint, she cited numerous investment accounts and properties that Jason owned, along with their value, to show that the Hall of Famer was more than able to pay the remainder of the alimony he owed. Katina also asked the court to find her former husband in contempt for failing to comply with the court-approved settlement—a penalty that can sometimes come with jail time. After months of ignoring the complaint, the couple finally resolved the claim in late November of 2017 for an undisclosed sum.

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