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High Conflict Divorce Attorneys In Clearwater, Florida

At The Law Firm for Family Law, our high conflict divorce attorneys in Clearwater, Florida understand that once a marriage operates in complete discord, its dissolution is imminent. While most divorcing couples have conflicting views regarding their separation, distribution of possessions, and beliefs regarding the upbringing of their children, when applicable, actual high conflict divorces are not as common as standard divorces.

According to the Centers for Disease Control vital statistics, there are over 875,000 divorces in the United States each year. High conflict divorces are not separated into a different category, even though their process is very different from a standard divorce.

Our Pinellas County lawyer is a Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law and has successfully handled high conflict divorces since 2005. Our exacting approach to creating solutions for our clients is our only goal, no matter how difficult the communication efforts between spouses becomes.

What Is A High Conflict Divorce In Clearwater, Florida?

Much like it sounds, a high conflict divorce is when one or both spouses have extreme disagreements regarding any segment of the marriage’s dissolution. Typically, the root of high conflict divorces begins with one or both parties having a high conflict personality.

High conflict divorces can occur with or without children, but typically involve custody battles, parenting plans, time-sharing, and child support matters.

While one person may have a controlling personality and wants to “win” the divorce, the other may have problems coping with the marriage breaking up at all, which causes aggressive behavior that makes it very difficult to agree on the settlement terms.

Additional factors that can contribute to high conflict divorces include:

  • Personality conflicts
  • Physical and/or mental health issues
  • Poor communication skills
  • Infidelity
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Domestic violence

When one or more spouses engage in high conflict communication, it often leads to:

  • Anger and resentment
  • Overreacting to situations and comments
  • Blaming others or projecting blame
  • Attacking the other person/parent
  • Getting defensive
  • Making threats
  • Involving the children and/or threatening visitation, custody, or support availability

How Can The Law Firm For Family Law Help With High Conflict Divorces in Clearwater Florida?

Our divorce attorney in Clearwater, Florida, Gary E. Williams, is also a prominent mediation attorney who handles high conflict divorces with the experience and professionalism necessary to deliver results without entering the courtroom.

When high conflict divorces reach a courtroom, the judge will decide the outcome of your case, which may lead to the stringent resolutions s/he sees fit — decisions that you are unhappy with for years to come. Mediation provides the opportunity to keep the divorce private, with terms that are developed with each person’s actual needs, or that of their children, placed at the forefront.

High conflict divorces are emotionally charged, and very few begin with the spouses remembering the good times they had throughout their marriage. Instead, impulsive or explosive behavior ensues, based on assumptions, past behavior, and an inability to communicate properly to discover solutions.

Our family law attorney is a certified family law mediator by the Florida Supreme Court and can provide intercession for couples who are experiencing:

  • Inflexibility in their spouse’s thinking and demands
  • Arguments based on assumptions
  • Blame for introducing past circumstances
  • Continued and lengthy conflict

High conflict personalities often misunderstand behavior and immediately assume they are being controlled, attacked, or put down. Our Clearwater family law attorney can help deliver solutions as a third party who takes the personal connection out of the negotiations, so both spouses can think clearly about putting this difficult time behind them.

What If We Decide To Take Our Divorce To Court Instead Of Mediation?

When mediation fails, and divorce court is the only option to bring the marriage to an end, the judge effectively takes all of the decision-making away from the parents, and divides the responsibilities into categories that make sense to the court.

The judge will hear both sides of the argument and will decide the outcome on his or her own. When there are children involved, the judge will make decisions regarding custody, parenting plans, and time-sharing, which can often become a point of contention between the parents going forward.

How Can I Begin Mediation To Resolve My High Conflict Divorce In Clearwater, Florida?

If you are experiencing a high conflict divorce, contact our mediation attorney at The Law Firm for Family Law in Clearwater, Florida at (727) 619-1342 today to discuss immediate and long-term solutions for your family. It is time to put the arguments behind you and your family and finalize your divorce for the greater good of everyone involved.

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