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High Conflict Divorce

For many, divorce is an emotionally trying time, often made more complex by high-conflict couples. Long and drawn out court battles often arise when separating couples are unable to set aside their personal differences and accept any type of agreement for the sake of their children, or to move forward with their lives.

Many high-conflict divorce proceedings are often dead-locked on issues affecting marital assets and the couple’s children. Negotiation out of court or even through mediation can be a challenge in this kind of divorce.

If you are involved in a high-tension divorce case, you will need an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you throughout the proceedings, provide sound legal advice, and assert and protect your rights in court.

Indicators of High-Conflict Divorce

You may have a high-conflict divorce when your situation is characterized by any of the following:

  • Frequent litigation between the former spouses
  • One of you has alleged that the other has committed an act of domestic violence
  • Your case has been pending for a long period without an adequate resolution in sight
  • You and your ex-spouse are locked in repeated conflict regarding parental access to a child
  • Communication difficulties between the former spouses
  • Parties harbor anger and distrust for one another

In a high-conflict divorce, developing and adhering to the terms of a parenting plan can be a challenge. Divorcing spouses who are in conflict usually fight over:

  • Details of a parenting or visitation agreement
  • Parenting approaches, and
  • The information that they share about their children

Role of High-Conflict Divorce Attorney

Your divorce attorney should be able to manage the conflicting environment by simplifying the issues, striking a balance between your desires and the best interests of your child or children, and pursuing specific terms that enable you and your children to start new lives on the right path.

In Florida, parties are encouraged to enter into parenting agreements in an amicable manner. Your attorney can help by proposing a plan that is:

  • Highly structured
  • Worded in a manner that will reduce the opportunity for parents to engage in conflict
  • Responsive to the developmental needs of the child
  • Clear and unambiguous, leaving very little flexibility for parents to interpret their rights and obligations under the agreement

In Pinellas County, Florida, lawyer Gary E. Williams is a Board Certified Expert In Marital and Family Law. Together with other members of his firm, The Law Firm For Family Law is armed with years of experience, handling more than 1,800 family law cases, many of which have been high-conflict divorce cases. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who holds an MBA, Gary E. Williams can assist business owners in unique situations and is prepared to go to trial in order to protect their rights.

We invite you to call today at (727) 531-8737 to speak to us about your situation.

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