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Ignoring the Rules of a Final Divorce Settlement Can Be Costly

It’s been a year since your martial settlement agreement went into effect but your ex is not living up to his part of the bargain. As part of your settlement, he agreed to pay child support for your two young kids but you’ve only received a couple of payments from him. What can you do?

Your children are protected under the law. The Department of Revenue (DOR), which is the state agency responsible for Florida’s Child Support Enforcement Program, has a “goal to get more money to more children more quickly by ensuring that noncustodial parents pay the full amount of their support. An order for support is enforceable in Florida and all other states.”

This Florida Child Support Enforcement Program has a number of tools at its disposal to make sure that your ex pays support for your kids including:

  • Income Deduction – If he has a job, his employer must deduct support payments from his paycheck, no matter where he is working in the U.S.
  • New Hire Reporting – All businesses must report new and rehired employees to the child support enforcement agency.
  • Driver/Hunting/Fishing License Suspension –The state has the right to suspend his Florida driver, hunting or fishing license.
  • Intercept/Seize Assets –The program can seize federal tax refunds, Florida lottery winnings and unemployment compensation.
  • Liens –If he owns property such as houses, mobile homes, land, cars, boats and other valuable items, liens can be levied until he pays support.

In addition, he can be held in contempt of court or the judge may issue an arrest warrant for him. Don’t be the victim if your ex is violating the divorce decree. Contact a Family Law firm to help you enforce the terms of your agreement.

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