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Importance of Domestic Violence Enforcement of Injunction Order

An 18-year old boy in Pinellas County, Florida, shot and killed a masked intruder who attacked his mother at home. The teenager soon discovered that the attacker he shot was his own father, John Heisler, with whom he and his family were estranged as a result of domestic violence issues.

Events Leading to Injunction Order

Months before the fatal shooting, Jolene Andrews complained of violence arising from a domestic altercation. Andrews and her children were afraid of Heisler who also had access to several guns. Andrews obtained a domestic violence injunction that ordered Heisler to stay away from their home, the children’s schools and Andrews’ workplace. Several months after the order was issued, Heisler returned stealthily – in violation of the injunction.

Police investigation shows that Heisler entered his ex-girlfriend’s yard at around midnight, dressed in full tactical gear and with his face covered by a ski mask. He attacked Andrews and forced her to the ground using an object that resembled a gun.

Andrews’ boyfriend called for help, causing Heisler’s son to come out of his room. Hearing the distressed cry for help, the 18-year old got a rifle and fired once at the masked attacker, hitting him on his upper body.

Methods of Enforcing Domestic Violence Injunction

Enforcement of a domestic violence order is vital for your family. If you have obtained an injunction order in connection with your civil case for domestic violence, your family law attorney can help you enforce the subsisting court order by filing appropriate motions in court or by having the person arrested.

How We Can Help

Your safety is our priority. In the state of Florida, The Law Firm For Family Law has years of experience in domestic violence enforcement. Upon calling our offices, we can immediately develop a safety plan which may include finding you a safe place to stay and obtaining an emergency temporary injunction. Experiencing actual violence is not necessary — fear of imminent harm may entitle you to an injunction order. Prompt action is important.

We welcome your call today at (727) 531-8737 to speak to an attorney about your situation.

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