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Mandatory Parenting Plans in Florida Explained : The Law Firm for Family Law, FL

At the Law Firm for Family Law, our experienced parenting plan attorneys in Clearwater, FL help families design time-sharing contracts that will be easily approved through mediation. Our Board-Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law attorney provides exceptional legal guidance that allows parents in Pinellas County, Florida to create a specific plan for their children, outlining where they will live, go to school, and spend their additional time without entering a courtroom.

Should communication between the parents break down during meditation, our lawyers are prepared to provide the Florida Supreme Court with a full summation of your case, which will appear in front of a judge, representing a strategically outlined plan that allows us to move forward with the children’s best interests at the forefront of our agreement. Our experience in the courtroom is unmatched in Florida family law practices, and our goal is to always provide solutions and results for our clients.

What Is a Parenting Plan in Florida?

Florida law requires all divorced parents to create a parenting plan outlining the responsibilities of each party, including daily tasks and long-term plans covering time-sharing. Your rights regarding your children and their custody and visitation guidelines are established through this mandated parenting plan, and it is enforceable at all times after it is signed by both parties.

What Does a Parenting Plan Cover in Florida?

Our accomplished lawyers in Clearwater, FL have handled more than 1,800 family law cases, and stand behind the court’s position that both parents should be involved in their children’s lives. Parenting plans allow the minor children to be the focus of responsibility for both parties, and the coverage agreement ensures that remains true going forward.

Parenting plans in Florida MUST cover at least:

  • An outline of parental share and responsibility for the daily tasks of the children
  • A Time-sharing agreement, and the full schedule, of the time the children will spend with each parent
  • The designated responsibility for school-related matters, including the child’s home address and school registration jurisdiction, and activities related to their education
  • Which parent is responsible for healthcare coverage, costs, and expenses
  • How parents communicate with the child, including cellphone or computer technology

Will Parents Have to Go to Court to Finalize the Parenting Plan?

At The Law Firm for Family Law, our parenting plan attorneys will complete all the paperwork in a mediation setting if both parties are able to amicably decide on the requirements together. A Florida Family Court appearance is not necessary unless one or both parties dispute the contents of the contract, or simply cannot agree on the mandated subjects.

If you or your former spouse cannot agree on the time-sharing aspects of the parenting plan, a judge will preside over the litigation process and make the best decisions available for the children.

Effectively Protect Your Parental Rights & Responsibilities

With decades of experience representing parents who have made the decision to split from their spouses, amicably and disagreeable, our divorce attorneys in Clearwater, FL focus on the children and their needs when drafting parental plans.

While it is often difficult to agree with a former spouse on time-sharing, it is the first step in proceeding with your responsibilities as a parent. The children are only able to move forward with their lives in a positive way once decisions about where they are spending their time are decided. Our mediation attorneys can help you create a parenting plan without causing your children any additional emotional stress.

Once the plan is in place, it is a legally binding contract that can be revisited if one parent is not upholding their side of the agreement. If that happens, we will represent your rights fully in front of a judge to ensure the plan is changed in your favor as part of our successful enforcement strategy.

Contact The Law Firm for Family Law Today for a Free Consultation

Parenting plans in Florida are not optional, they are mandated by the courts, and are required before child support agreements can be contracted. The first step in maintaining your parental rights is scheduling a free consultation with our Clearwater, FL family law attorneys by calling (727) 777-6903 today. Your children and their well-being should not be left to chance. We can help ensure each parents’ responsibilities are fully outlined, allowing everyone to move forward with positivity.

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