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Mediation: An Intelligent End to Marriage in Florida

Divorce, by definition, is legally dissolving a marriage, which typically means something has gone wrong along the way. Whether the root of the split is irreconcilable differences or the realization that the love is gone, divorce does not have to be the knock-down fight that is often portrayed in television dramas.

When a couple has decided to end their marriage and is amicably willing to make intelligent decisions regarding their financial futures, mediation is an optimal choice.

Why Choose Mediation Over Divorce Court in Clearwater, Florida?

Mediation is not for everyone. If your divorce is a contentious one, a judge may be the only person who can determine the detailed finalization of your marriage’s end. If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, and are on the same page regarding its finality, mediation provides numerous benefits that will allow both of you to take a dignified approach to move forward with your lives separately.

Mediation is a flexible approach to discussing divorce solutions and formulating ideas regarding your futures that allows you and your spouse to be in control of the outcome — instead of the courts deciding for you.

Those decisions will include how to proceed with the:

The benefits of choosing mediation over divorce court include:

  • Mediation is confidential, so there is no public record of the final agreement
  • Discussions are contained in a controlled environment, which allows both parties to focus on solutions
  • Mediation costs are significantly less than a courtroom divorce
  • Divorces are often finalized quicker through mediation than through the courts
  • Private meetings lessen the pressure on both parties, allowing decisions to be made naturally and at your own pace
  • Resolutions are developed based on your ideas, not through legal imposition

When divorce is handled through the courts, the approach can seem rigid and impersonal. Mediation allows couples to remember that at one point in their lives they were everything the other person wanted and that ending their marriage certainly does not have to simulate the disrespectful or contentious connotation the word divorce often carries. You were married under your own terms, and mediation allows you to end the marriage in the same way: Together.

How Does the Mediator Expedite the Divorce Process?

The Florida Supreme Court certified our family law mediator and founding attorney, Gary E. Williams, recognizing his exceptional experience and ability in helping couples avoid divorce court by providing solutions divorcing couples need to move forward.

As a neutral third party, Mr. Williams will:

  • Keep the lines communication open at all times to promote solutions
  • Help the couple brainstorm ideas where they are falling short to agree
  • Provide realistic scenarios that benefit the process
  • Assist the couple in their decision-making developments
  • Develop a strategy for resolving issues that may impede the process
  • Draft the final agreement for both parties to sign, thereby completing the process

If you and your spouse are interested in an alternative resolution to divorce and would like to maintain control of how your marriage ends without the court’s interference, contact our certified family law mediator in Clearwater, Florida at The Law Firm for Family Law today at (727) 619-1297 to schedule an initial consultation.

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