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Discover the Benefits of Pre-Litigation Mediation During The Divorce Proceedings

Last month we wrote about collaborative divorce, and when it is right for you and your family. As discussed, collaborative divorce serves as an early intervention in solving divorce-related issues. The collaborative process allows each spouse to retain a collaborative divorce attorney who advises and assists in resolving issues, and provides the opportunity to… Read More »

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Mediation: An Intelligent End to Marriage in Florida

Divorce, by definition, is legally dissolving a marriage, which typically means something has gone wrong along the way. Whether the root of the split is irreconcilable differences or the realization that the love is gone, divorce does not have to be the knock-down fight that is often portrayed in television dramas. When a couple… Read More »

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Five Misconceptions About Mediation

Mediation is not a miracle cure for all divorce disagreements, but with the right preparation, it can be an effective method for reaching a fair, mutually agreeable settlement. Do not let common misconceptions make you hesitant to try mediation:

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