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Pamela Anderson in High Profile Divorce and Restraining Order

Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson of Baywatch TV fame filed for divorce and obtained a temporary restraining order against husband Rick Salomon. The actress first sought the order claiming that her former husband has allegedly shown a worsening pattern of abuse.


The family court first issued a temporary restraining order until her first court appearance scheduled on April 9. After the hearing, where the actress further claimed mental abuse and other alleged disturbing behavior by Salomon, the court extended the TRO until May 6 to allow additional time to serve Salomon with legal documents.


Anderson’s Grounds for Restraining Order


The actress earlier claimed that her husband tried to strangle her and smother her with a pillow while having sex in January. She also claimed other instances of abuse, including:


  • Mental abuse when her husband subjected her to verbal abuse [option to include: allegedly calling her ‘a slut’, ‘ugly old bitch’, and ‘crack whore’.]
  • His allegedly sending her harassing email messages
  • His alleged threats of exposing nude photos taken without her knowledge


The actress expressed relief in the court’s extension of the restraining order stating that her safety and the safety of her family are important.


Remedy in High Conflict Divorce


Some marriages can end acrimoniously and the continued tension can lead to a high conflict divorce where emotions and negative behavior prevent the parties from settling property and support issues in a peaceful manner. When conflict escalates into verbal and/or physical abuse, family law allows the affected party to seek a judicial remedy of a temporary restraining order. If the person restrained violates that order, he or she can be arrested.


If your divorce is characterized by acts of domestic abuse or threats of abuse, you may obtain a restraining order against your former spouse. Depending on your circumstances, your divorce attorney may also obtain an emergency restraining order on the same day that you contact your attorney about it.


The injunction can prevent the other party from coming near you, your home, and your family. The order will protect you until your scheduled hearing, where the judge may decide to grant a permanent injunction, depending on your situation.


Restraining Order for Residents of Clearwater or Largo, Florida


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