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False Accusation Lawyer in Florida


Yes, it happens; typically in a divorce case where one party is trying to get the other thrown out of the marital home to gain an advantage in the divorce case.  Be very careful about representing yourself in those situations. Domestic Violence hearings are nothing more than a quick review by the Judge of the evidence and testimony presented and then – bang – the injunction is granted or denied.  If it is granted, it can be issued for a year or for ten years. In any event, once a domestic violence injunction is issued against you, you will be at a disadvantage in your divorce case and, more importantly, the injunction may impact your current job or your ability to obtain certain types of jobs in the future.

All in all, a false domestic violence allegation is just as dangerous to you as a valid domestic violence allegation. If you are faced with a domestic violence hearing and have been falsely accused, who do you want standing next to you in the Courtroom?  An expert in family law, or some lawyer your buddy knew.

Do not take chances with domestic violence allegations, hire an expert to represent you in both the domestic violence case and your divorce case.

If you would like to talk to an expert Clearwater divorce attorney about your case, please call our office today and we will schedule an initial consultation for you with our expert. You can reach us at (727) 531-8737.

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