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Domestic Violence Attorneys Clearwater, Florida

Stop Domestic Violence in Your Home

Domestic violence can occur to anyone anywhere. No matter who the person is or what his or her station in life is, he or she can still suffer from domestic violence. When this happens, the most important thing is to make sure it stops before someone is seriously injured or killed. If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic violence, or if you are in imminent danger of domestic violence, a Clearwater domestic violence attorney from The Law Firm for Family Law can help. We also represent individuals located in Dunedin, East Lake, and Tarpon Springs.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is defined as harm or threats of harm committed against someone with whom the abuser is or was in a romantic or familial relationship, including a spouse, separated or divorced spouse, parent, child, boyfriend or girlfriend, or co-parent.

Domestic violence can come in a variety of forms and doesn’t just consist of physical battery. Under Florida law, the definition of domestic violence includes:

  • Assault or aggravated assault (i.e., an imminent threat of violence, where the victim fears oneself to be threatened )
  • Battery or aggravated battery (i.e., the abuser intentionally touches or strikes the victim against the victim’s consent)
  • Sexual assault or battery
  • Stalking or aggravated stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • False imprisonment
  • Other offenses committed by a family or household member that results in physical injury or death of another member of that family or household

Assault, battery, or stalking can be charged as an aggravated offense where the abuser uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon against the victim, or threatens or commits serious bodily harm.

What Are Some Legal Options For Florida Victims of Domestic Violence?

Victims of domestic violence in Florida may seek protection from an abusive spouse, partner, or co-parent through a restraining order. Restraining orders can make it illegal for the subject of the restraining order to contact a victim in person or through electronic means or to come within a certain distance of victims or their family members. These orders can also require the abuser to relinquish custody of the couple’s children to the victim, vacate the family home, and pay spousal or child support to the victim. If the subject of the restraining order violates its terms, that person can be arrested and put in jail.

How Our Domestic Violence Attorney Help Protect Our Clients

From the moment that you call our Clearwater domestic violence law office, we put together a safety plan based on your situation and Florida’s family laws. Our Clearwater domestic abuse lawyer can then help you pursue a temporary injunction for protection from domestic violence, which can be made permanent later after a hearing. In either case, an injunction will prohibit the offender from coming near you or your children. If the offender violates the injunction they can be arrested and held in jail.

Our Clearwater Domestic Violence lawyer can also help you file for an emergency temporary injunction on the very same day you contact us. It is also important that you understand that you do not have to wait until you are actually harmed to file for an injunction. If you have been threatened, or have a reasonable belief that you are going to be the victim of domestic violence, then you can seek an injunction of protection against that domestic violence, even though it has not actually occurred yet.

Victims of domestic abuse often struggle to escape the threats and emotionally-manipulative tactics employed by their abusers. The compassionate and experienced Clearwater domestic violence lawyers at The Law Firm for Family Law understand these dangerous patterns. Our Clearwater domestic abuse attorneys will be by your side, helping you to find the strength to walk away from a dangerous situation and towards a new life free from threats of violence or control.

At The Law Firm for Family Law, our family law attorney in Clearwater, FL focuses on the following practice areas:

Consult a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Clearwater, FL

The sooner you speak with a Clearwater Domestic Violence lawyer from our law firm at The Law Firm for Family Law, the sooner we can help you find protection from further domestic violence. We can act immediately to help you obtain an emergency temporary injunction and to work toward permanent protection from violence. If you need somewhere to stay that is away from your abusive spouse or partner, our Clearwater domestic violence attorney also knows of several local, trustworthy organizations that can provide the housing and counsel that you need after such an experience. Contact our firm today (727) 531-8737!

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