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How to Establish father’s rights in Clearwater, Florida

As a father, your relationship with your child is extremely important. Every child should have both parents involved in his or her life when it is in the child’s best interests. In order to ensure that you have legal rights as a father, such as custody and visitation, you will need to establish paternity. In Florida, paternity can be established in a number of ways:

  • Being married to the child’s mother at the time the child is born
  • Signing the child’s birth certificate in the hospital when the child is born, or at a later time
  • Marrying the child’s mother after the child is born and updating the birth record through the Florida Office of Vital Statistics
  • Administrative order based on genetic (DNA) testing that proves fatherhood
  • A court order from a judge that established paternity

Why father’s rights/Paternity Is Important

If paternity is not established, a father could lose all rights regarding his child. Paternity gives a man equal rights to decision-making aspects of his child’s life, as well as parenting time and child support. If you are a father and have not established paternity in any of the ways listed above, or if you are facing divorce and need to protect your rights as a father, The Law Firm for Family Law can help.

Contact a Paternity Attorney in Clearwater, FL

Speak with a Clearwater divorce lawyer from our firm right away to discuss your case and learn what can be done to establish and defend your rights. Our Clearwater father’s rights lawyers have handled more than 1,800 family law cases. We also focus solely on family law and limit the number of cases that we handle at any given time, which means that each client receives our full attention. Client care is our main priority as we strive to win the best possible results for each case. Contact our law firm for more information!

Understanding Father’s Rights in Florida

For many years, family courts disproportionately awarded full custody to a child’s mother in a divorce, relegating time with the father to the occasional weeknight evening or weekend. In recent years, there has been a shift away from this trend, with many judges recognizing that not all mothers make the best choice as a primary caregiver, and not all fathers deserve to be cut out of their children’s lives. In fact, the law states that a father has as much of a right to be a part of his child’s life as does the mother. Nevertheless, some antiquated courts still favor the mother, forcing fathers to fight tooth-and-nail to remain a part of their children’s lives.

Modern research finds that involvement by both parents is best for children

Children who are fortunate enough to have two loving, capable parents deserve to have a relationship with both those parents. Recent research shows that children with separated parents have better outcomes when their parents are both a regular part of their lives than they do when raised only by one parent, even if the parents sometimes fight in front of their child. Courts should not be allowed to rob both a father and a child of this valuable relationship.

Dedicated advocacy for Florida fathers

If you’re a Florida father, you have a right to do what’s best for your child by remaining a consistent and loving part of their lives. Let us help you protect this right. At the Clearwater offices of the Law Firm for Family Law, we’ll put our experience and dedication to work to fight for your rights as a father. Contact our Clearwater father’s rights attorneys today for a consultation on your case.

Proving a relationship with a father is in the child’s best interests

Florida law states that family courts must create a custody arrangement (timesharing and parenting plan) that is in the best interests of the child. When determining a parent’s ability to serve their child’s best interests, courts will examine factors like a parent’s ability to provide a stable and safe home life, their ability to provide for their children financially, their willingness to put their child’s needs above their own, and their involvement in their child’s education and personal interests.

In some cases, even though the father is better able to provide for their child’s best interests than the mother, courts may default to granting the mother greater custodial rights over the child. That’s where we come in. The Law Firm for Family Law will support your claim for custody of your child by gathering evidence of your ability to provide loving, attentive care for your child in a financially and emotionally stable home. We’re prepared to make use of eyewitness and expert testimony in support of your request for custody, to give you the best possible chance of remaining in your child’s life.

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