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Superyacht Seized in Ongoing Divorce Battle involving Russian Oligarch

When divorcing spouses fail to comply with court orders on how assets should be divided and distributed between spouses, parties may have to take dramatic measures to get the money they’re owed. In one record-setting UK divorce, government officials have now ordered that ownership of one of the world’s most lavish private yachts be transferred to the owner’s former wife, due to the husband’s failure to pay what he owed based on a court’s division of the couple’s assets. Learn more about the case below, and speak with a knowledgeable Florida family law attorney for advice and assistance in a Florida divorce.

Tatiana Mikhavilovna Akhmedova and Farkhad Akhmedov moved to London from Russia in 1993. Akhmedov began his career as a sable fur salesman but became a shareholder in ZAO Northgas and is now believed to be worth $1.4 billion. The couple divorced in 2014. While the marriage was dissolved in Russia, it was a UK court that ruled in 2016 on how the couple’s assets should be divided between them. A British judge ruled that Akhmedov had to pay his former spouse $646 million in the split, which was believed at the time to be the single largest divorce award granted in UK history.

Despite Akhmedova’s persistent efforts, she has been unable to collect on the substantial award, which her attorney attributes to her former husband’s persistence in moving and hiding his assets. For example, Akhmedova was awarded her husband’s art collection in the divorce. In order to prevent her from getting it, Akhmedov relocated the collection to Lichtenstein. He has also transferred assets to other holding companies and returned to Russia to avoid enforcement of the judgment.

The judge overseeing the case, becoming exasperated by Akhmedov’s “rapid and multifarious steps to evade enforcement at every turn,” has now ordered that ownership of Akhmedov’s superyacht, currently docked in Dubai, be transferred to Akhmedova. The yacht was first impounded by officials in Dubai in February. The yacht is one of the world’s most valuable private boats, has nine decks, 50 crew members, two helipads, and is worth an estimated $492 million. Akhmedov ardently opposes the ruling.

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