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I was a father seeking full custody of my son. In selecting an attorney I found many law firms took the approach and even advertised that my finances would be my number one concern and that some or equal visitation should be my goal. Gary was the only attorney of the many interviewed that understood the importance to me of getting full custody of my son. He listened and made himself and his staff accessible to me at all times. He understood that for my son’s safety, full custody was the only acceptable outcome. Probably the best example of what made Gary not only the lawyer I chose, but one I would recommend to anyone in a hostile divorce and or custody battle is; One day I stopped by Gary’s office to drop off some paperwork prior to our hearing. I noticed that each of his staff that were working on my case had a picture of my son on their desk with the note, “(my son’s name) is our client he is counting on us!”. That is when I knew that I was with a firm that understood the importance and was committed to my child custody case. I now have full custody of my son and am thankful for the time and dedication that Gary and his staff put in on my behalf.

Jim, a Divorce Client

Mr. Williams handled a very complex case for me which involved my children and a self employed spouse who was trying to hide assets. I was immediately sent copies of whatever documents were generated in my case and there was always someone in his office that I could talk to if I had any questions. The case he handled went on for over two years and my first attorney just could not get the case to conclusion. Mr. Williams found the missing money, got a custody evaluator appointed and brought the case to trial. After three days of trial I got a decision from the Judge that was fair and reasonable. All after my spouse told me that I would get nothing. I am very glad that I had Mr. Williams representing me when this case went to trial. He and his staff did a great job.

Jane, a Divorce Client

As a single mother who was never married. I started interviewing attorneys when my sons father wouldn’t agree on custody and told me I could never get the custody I wanted. Once I met Gary, I felt I was in the right place. He introduced me to the people who would be getting me through this process and the results I wanted. His staff was always more than helpful and took my calls promptly. I was always informed of what was going on as I received emails on any documents pertaining to my case so I was never left wondering what was happening. Everytime I went frantic and was nervous Gary would ensure me that I Had nothing to worry about. Gary successfully won the outcome of my custody battle with the results I wanted. Gary and his team go above and beyond in working to ensure my sons best interest was put first. I would highly recommend Gary and his staff!

Renee, a Divorce Client

Mr. Williams handled my entire divorce and I can’t speak highly enough of his competency and professionalism. He provided not only his legal advice but he incorporated also practical advice. He took the time to listen carefully to my specific needs and preferences and come up with the best solution for me. The end result was better than I anticipated while maintaining the peace with all parties involved. His office staff is awesome and I was always kept in the loop every step of the way. He made a traumatic life experience actually bearable.

Diane, a Child Support Client

staff treated my situation with complete professionalism. Even though I required a little extra hand holding at no time did Mr. Williams or the staff make me feel as if my questions were ridiculous. I deeply appreciate his understanding, kindness and knowledge in all matters relating to my case. I would strongly recommend Mr. Williams and I will be continuing as a client of Mr. Williams.

Robin, a Child Support Client

On top of the matter from the start, made me feel supported and appreciated throughout. Felt like they “had my back” in my actions with DCF and kept me informed throughout. From their receptionist to Mr. Williams, everyone was on the team and helping me. Associate Joe Cairns is incredible and kept me up to date. Thanks so much

Ken, a Custody Case Client

Family law issues can be among life’s most daunting challenges. The system has a way of making you feel small and at it’s mercy. At that moment you really need someone like Gary Williams. One of the things that impressed me was Gary’s rapport with the various court clerks and officials. Having an attorney who is respected by the people in the court system, as well as opponents, is essential to getting the best outcome possible.

When Gary and his staff went to work on my case it was something to see. Right there in one office, was a real team — all focused on the single objective of solving a potentially catastrophic problem that had caused me many sleepless nights. This is something that I think people need to consider. You need to be represented by a FIRM, not just one lawyer.

Gary’s firm embraces modern technology. Every important document is sent via email before you ask for it. I’ve even been able to meet with Gary (and staff) via Skype video when I wasn’t able to drive to the office.

Do yourself a favor, watch Gary’s videos on his website or You Tube, observe, learn, then meet with him. He has excellent listening skills, so just tell him the good, bad, and ugly. I promise you, he has seen it before and very quickly will work out a plan of action.

If you are reading this, you already know that a family law situation is very high stakes business, the outcome of which could effect you and your children for years. You just can’t take any chances. You need someone like Gary working for you.

Bob, a Divorce Client

Gary and his support staff did an excellent job of communicating with me. They responded promptly and professionally with me in all areas of the case, and my questions were handled with detail but without excess. I believe that his extensive financial background and knowledge was a great advantage. As someone who has spent a great deal of time with attorneys through my work, I felt completely confident in his advice, and the overall outcome of the case was a resounding success.

Daniel, a Divorce Client

Gary was the third lawyer I hired to finish a case that lasted over 4 years. My first two lawyers were good, but they just couldn’t get past all the non-stop non -sense that my ex-wife threw at them. Gary and his Associate Attorneys had the manpower to get the case to the finish line and we got a great result at trial. I highly recommend Gary to you.

Keith, a Divorce Client

I wanted to express my deepest thanks to you and your staff for your help with the matter of my child support. You did a great job. I would be delighted to be your dent again in the future and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Robyn, a Child Support Client
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