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The Basic Principles of Divorce Apply to All Florida Marriages

When celebrity divorce news breaks, the usual suspect of “irreconcilable differences” is the standard stated cause of their matrimonial demise, which is something everyday divorcing Floridians have in common with their famous divorcing counterparts.

Since Florida is a no-fault divorce state, neither spouse must prove the other did something detrimental to their marriage to file for divorce. The reason can simply be that they no longer want to be married and that the marriage is irretrievably broken — also known as irreconcilable differences.

When a divorce occurs, whether the couple has millions of dollars or thousands of dollars, the same basic and shared principles factor into the divorce’s finality for everyone – where applicable.

While you and your spouse may not have a superyacht at the center of your contentious asset division, the things you have acquired together throughout your marriage may mean a lot to both of you, personally and financially. And if children are a factor, things are going to become even more difficult.

Does One Spouse’s Marital Behavior Affect the Judge’s Final Divorce Ruling?

It is important for couples who are getting divorced in Florida to understand that while a specific reason is not necessary for filing for a divorce in our state, that very reason can make a big difference in how the judge rules on the case.

Certain factors can contribute to the judge’s ruling on child custody, support amounts, and the overall decision regarding financial distribution, including causes that contributed to the marriage’s breakdown.

Issues like adultery, chronic gambling, domestic violence, and illegal drug use, to name a few, will certainly persuade a judge to take a closer look at the details of your divorce. Was one spouse spending an excessive amount of money on their boyfriend/girlfriend? Was shared property and assets being used for gambling? Was there violence in the home? Is there a drug or alcohol problem that may affect the well-being of the children?

Each of these things matters in a family law courtroom. And although they may not be required as the “reason” for your divorce in Florida, they certainly are integral parts of how your post-marriage life moves forward.

If you have questions regarding the basic principles of divorce, contact our divorce attorney in Clearwater, Florida today at The Law Firm for Family Law by calling (727) 619-1297 to learn more about how your personal circumstances matter to us, and to a judge.

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