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Vanilla Ice’s Soon-to-be-Ex Accuses Rapper of Hiding Assets in Divorce

Florida property owner Rob Van Winkle—commonly known by the stage name Vanilla Ice—is in the midst of a long-running and contentious divorce battle before a Florida judge. Recently, his estranged wife Laura filed court documents claiming that Vanilla has hidden assets to which she is entitled to a share as part of the divorce. Read on to learn more about the case, and contact a Florida family law attorney if you believe your spouse may be hiding assets from you during a divorce.

Divorce filed in October 2016

Laura Van Winkle filed for divorce from Vanilla Ice in October of 2016. The couple had been married for almost 20 years and had two daughters during their relationship who are now in their teens. For many months, the case did not progress as Vanilla attempted to reconcile with his wife. After it appeared that a reconciliation was unlikely, litigation began to move forward in December of last year. Laura is seeking both child and spousal support in the split, as well as possession of the house that the couple once shared in Wellington, Florida.

Vanilla alleged to have taken marital assets for use in separate business ventures

Laura’s attorneys are now accusing Vanilla of failing to accurately describe the state of his finances in mandatory financial disclosure documents filed with the court. She also accused him of moving marital assets—money to which both Vanilla and Laura are entitled a share in the divorce—into his own separate accounts or business ventures. She claims that he has taken marital funds and used them to purchase properties which he has placed solely in his own name or in the name of his corporation, Van Rap LTD. This company is listed as the owner of at least twelve properties, including one that was recently sold for $3.8 million.

Laura’s attorneys have now filed liens against nine properties owned by Vanilla, and have filed for an injunction that would prevent him from selling or transferring any additional assets until the divorce is final. Laura also argues that she is entitled to a portion of the value of Van Rap, LTD, due to the fact that Vanilla would frequently commingle marital funds with those of his business ventures during the marriage. The parties are scheduled to hold a hearing on these issues, and the case is ongoing.

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