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What Can I Do If My Ex-Spouse Stops Paying Alimony In Palm Harbor, Florida?

From temporary to bridge-the-gap alimony agreements and durational to permanent spousal support settlements, the spouse who is awarded financial maintenance as part of their divorce decree is entitled to the timely receipt of the amount that is established when the divorce is finalized.

More importantly, the spouse who is legally obligated to pay alimony through the court order must do so for the duration of the alimony award without fail, or s/he can be held in contempt of court.

Why Would A Former Spouse Suddenly Stop Paying Alimony In Florida?

The most common reasons people miss alimony payments are due to job losses, pay reductions or other life events that place a significant strain on their personal finances. If your former spouse has a legitimate reason for missing spousal support payments, s/he must pursue a modification through the family court that handled your divorce — not abandon the responsibility.

It is important to understand the difference between legitimate financial hardships and spousal support payment delays, which can include circumstances like the payer being out of town or being at the mercy of the US Postal Service. While prompt payments are ideal, there is little legal recourse to enforcing nominal delays.

However, if your former spouse can fully afford to make alimony payments and intentionally chooses not to, it may be time to pursue legal action to ensure you receive the payments you are entitled to, and that s/he is held accountable for their derelict behavior, so it does not continue.

What Are My Legal Options When Enforcing Spousal Support Payments?

At the Law Firm For Family Law, our Clearwater, Florida Board Certified Expert in Alimony provides the experience and personal support our clients need to pursue legal action against their ex-spouses for failing to pay spousal support.

When a divorce is finalized to include spousal support payments based on our Florida alimony laws, their enforcement may be our client’s only option in upholding the agreement. Our accomplished Clearwater family law attorney realizes that alimony payments may be viewed by many as expendable income, but in reality, they are a driving factor in the recipient’s financial livelihood.

Simply put, if you are awarded alimony, your wellbeing counts on its arrival each month, and our spousal support enforcement attorney will pursue full financial recovery on your behalf through the best legal options available for your unique circumstances.

Your legal options can include asking the family court judge to:

  • Hold the payer in contempt of court
  • Apply an income withholding order in the form of a financial judgment or wage garnishment
  • Force the delinquent spouse to pay interest in the case of ongoing or long-term missed payments

Our clients need to understand that since alimony is determined by a court order, their former spouse must make those payments for the duration of the agreement. When s/he decides unilaterally to miss payments, s/he is in violation of the terms of the divorce agreement and should be held accountable.

Has Your Ex-Spouse Stopped Making Alimony Payments?

Divorce is hard enough without a former spouse refusing to adhere to the agreed-upon terms. Get the help you need in holding him or her responsible for their financial obligation by contacting our Pinellas County  Board Certified Alimony Attorney at  (727) 619-1352 to speak with our Board Certified Expert in Marital and Family Law attorney today. At The Law Firm For Family Law, we will ensure your rights are protected now and going forward.

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